April 11, 2020

Jesus, whose love took the shape of a cross:
in the hour of deepest agony
your mother and your beloved disciple
     did not flee,
but stood beside you.
You call us to pour out our lives in service
     to others,
yet the suffering of your people seems
     to have no end.
When we feel numb and helpless
     at the horror,
remind us of Mary, the unnamed women,
     And John—
who could not save you from death,
but did not leave you to face it alone.
Strengthen us in keeping vigil;
have mercy upon us all.

From Share Your Bread, copyright ©2000 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Weather Related Information
After a recent winter weather event, the following is shared to clarify when and where closings will be posted. 
Weekday activities: Closings will follow Peoria Public School announcements regarding pre-school and mid-week meetings and class sessions.
Sundays: Unless posted, worship will continue as scheduled. Come as you are able and feel safe to do so. The exceptions would be blizzard or heavy ice conditions, power outage.