Renewing God's House

Since the beginning of this community of faith 135 years ago, it has been faith in Jesus, love for each other, investment in the community and a desire to live out God’s vision that has sustained us these many years. In Salem’s developing years, it was people just like you who said yes to the invitation to be a part of Christ’s church, life and mission. And when Salem leaders discerned a call to relocate in 1964, it took the courage, faith, vision and resources of members to make that bold move.  

The long tenure of so many members speaks to the ongoing commitment individuals and families have had to Salem. Many members, new and old, speak about Salem as their second (or extended) family demonstrating the joy of relationships they have found here. Serving others is critical to our ministry as members seek to be faithful to our calling as disciples of Christ.

Through the capital appeal survey process, we learned that many people indicated that some measure of change is necessary in order for us to fulfill our mission – growing people in Christ…to love and serve. A central component of this centers on building renovation. Not only have we put-off various facilities upgrades, but we know that the accessibility, friendliness and functionality of our church home needs improvements and updating in a wide variety of ways. Many are excited about these plans and believe they will advance the vision and mission even further.

Renewing God’s House is the focus for a three-year capital appeal. Your faith, passions and financial generosity are central to this project. Indeed, God has an abounding love for all, particularly for those who do not know of the grace and mercy revealed in Jesus as well as those who have not experienced the warmth of belonging to His family – the church. This love, this call of welcome, this gift of belonging, will compel us to reach out more intentionally, and make the changes necessary for Salem to step into this new season of life and ministry.

Experience has demonstrated that Salem is a generous community! When called upon, Salem members have always stepped up to the challenge and invitation to do what is necessary for the sake of Christ’s calling upon us. The MAP survey revealed that the time is right to consider an intentional effort to renew Salem’s facility, mission, and focus. With this renovation and with a united determination to grow anew, you are now asked to pray for this appeal effort and respond as you feel so moved for the sake of those not yet here so that together we can renew God’s House for a new generation, for a time of reaching others with the love of Christ!

The Capital Appeal team prays that you are “all in” with us. Each and every gift and 3-year pledge over and above regular giving helps to fulfill Salem’s vision and mission. We invite you to discover and give your best gift. We believe that it is for such a time as this that we have gone through changes, challenges and now experience a fresh calling upon us as Christ’s church.

We pray you will be involved over these weeks. Consider deeply the devotions written by Salem members. Hear the testimonies shared. Share your own stories of life together at Salem. Open yourself to the blessing of God moving in a fresh way, both within our congregation’s life but also within your own! Thank you!

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Salem Lutheran Church affiliated with the E.L.C.A. Salem is a vibrant welcoming Lutheran community that, through the grace of Jesus Christ, is connected within by love and reaching out in hope to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with one another, the community and the world.

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